Bellevue Dance Studio

Do you love latin Rhythms that makes you want to move and groove but you just aren’t sure how to dance? Bellevue Dance Studio can help you learn to dance in one day! Better yet, they have classes where you can learn the basics (and beyond, if you are an experienced dancer). Studio owner/ manager, teacher, Robert Basteri can show you how. (He also performs!) Every experienced dancer, started at a very beginning level. So they understand completely, what it feels like to go from simply walking down the street ” trying to coordinate more than feet. Feet, legs, arms… Robert Basteri and his team will have you dancing (and laughing) in one day, so check it out Bellevue dance studio offers group lessons, private lessons, pre-wedding lessons, and social dances where people of all levels can have fun using what they’ve learned. Beginners as well as advanced dancers regularly attend his Friday night dance socials which also includes well known DJ’s spinning the music. So check it out!

12003 NE 12th St #54, Bellevue, WA 98005 Bellevue Dance Studio.